Growth Beyond Hacking

How do you plan to grow your business? Some will say that they will spend more money on marketing to acquire new customers. Others will hop on the bandwagon and detail how they will “hack” their growth with some clever tactic. However, both of these answers are regrettably incomplete.

Growth is not about the Hail Mary play that will suddenly turn a modest business into a billion dollar company. It is not about the magic bullet that will turn slow progress into exponential growth–the elusive hockey stick growth curve.

Growth can be cultivated across the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition, to engagement, to retention, and it is created by marketing, product implementation, and operations. If you focus on just on dimension, such as increasing acquisition through better marketing, you will fall short. Only by focusing on all the growth dimensions can you leave your competition behind. Growthzilla provides the full playbook on how to create growth across all the possible dimensions. You’ll learn things such as:

  • How to product design can deepen customer engagement and value,
  • How operations such as customer support can be an engine for acquiring new customers, and
  • How better marketing can lead to higher customer retention.

We are making the entire Growthzilla book draft available on our blog to get your feedback and questions, so we can learn how to make it better.

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