What Is Growthzilla About?

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Do you want to grow your business? Who doesn’t? We wrote Growthzilla to not only get you started but to give you a comprehensive guide that you can use to make your business thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Growing a product or business is not a “hack,” which is a term that implies a trick or crude way of doing things. Instead, creating growth has become a science over the past decade, enabled by meticulous methodologies as well as technology that allows leaders to test tactics with near-scientific rigor. Companies in various industries ranging from tech to financial services are starting to employ those methodologies to out-maneuver their competitors, while the laggards are falling to the wayside. In the coming decades companies will have two options: either jump on the bandwagon and engineer growth or endure a steady decline as growth science becomes a serious competitive advantage.

Not only have companies such as Google and Amazon been systematically applying growth science to further solidify their market leadership, the scope of what they are doing has dramatically increased. Growth science now includes using marketing, product implementation, and operations to drive growth along the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to engagement and retention. The modern field of growth science can be characterized by:

  • An iterative approach to testing and refining tactics,
  • Leveraging marketing, product implementation, and operations to drive growth, and
  • Optimizing growth over the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to engagement and retention.

We felt that we had to write Growthzilla to give both new innovators a chance to compete with sophisticated incumbents such as Google and Amazon as well as to give existing companies a chance to adapt how they do business in this quickly changing landscape. Our hope is that the book offers a great overview of the methodology, the scope, and practical tactics that anyone in a leadership position can immediately apply to grow the product and business.

Moreover, we thought that in creating Growthzilla we should put our money where our mouth is and actually apply the lessons we present to actually making the book. Practice what you preach! That is why we are making the draft of Growthzilla available online on this site to learn from your comments and questions and create a better book for all readers.

We encourage you to read each section as we publish it and tell us what you agree and disagree with as well as what’s confusing. And if you like what you read, help us deepen our impact by telling your friends and colleagues!

We hope you find Growthzilla informative, practical, and truly transformational for you and your business! Most of all, thank you for your interest and support.


Sergio and Kimmy